Exercisegraphit so me peo ple ref er to netwo rk ef f

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Unformatted text preview: . Fo r f irms leveraging techno lo gy, this might include anything yo u can represent in the o nes and zero s o f digital sto rage, such as mo vies, music, mo ney, video games, and co mputer pro grams. And just abo ut any standard that allo ws things to plug into o ne ano ther, interco nnect, o r o therwise co mmunicate will live o r die based o n its ability to snare netwo rk ef f ects. Exercise: Graph It So me peo ple ref er to netwo rk ef f ects by the name Metcalf e’s Law. It go t this name when, to ward the start o f the do t-co m bo o m, Bo b Metcalf e (the invento r o f the Ethernet netwo rking standard) wro te a co lumn in Info Wo rld magazine stating that the value o f a netwo rk equals its number o f users squared. What do yo u think o f this f o rmula? Graph the law with the vertical axis labeled “value” and the ho rizo ntal axis labeled “users.” Do yo u think the graph is an accurate representatio n o f what’s happening in netwo rk ef f ects? If so , why? If no t, what do yo u think the graph really lo o ks like? St...
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