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Unformatted text preview: t handsets co ntaining dif f ering co mputing hardware, o f f ering dif f erent screen sizes, running dif f erent so f tware, having dif f erent key layo uts, and wo rking o n dif f erent carrier netwo rks, writing a game that’s accessible by the majo rity o f users is nearly impo ssible. Glu Mo bile, a maker o f o nline games, launched f if ty-six reengineered builds o f Mo no po ly to satisf y the diverse requirements o f just o ne teleco m carrier.N. Hutheesing, “Answer Yo ur P ho ne, a Video game Is Calling,” Fo rbes, August 8, 2006. As a result, entrepreneurs with great so f tware ideas f o r the mo bile market were deterred because writing, marketing, and maintaining multiple pro duct versio ns is bo th co stly and risky. It wasn’t until Apple’s iP ho ne arrived, o f f ering develo pers bo th a huge market and a co nsistent set o f develo pment standards, that third-party so f tware develo pment f o r mo bile pho nes really to o k o f f . K E Y TAK E AWAYS Unseating a firm t...
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