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Unformatted text preview: (Cambridge, MA: Harvard Business P ress, 2005). See http:/ / www.blueo ceanstrategy.co m. The idea—instead o f co mpeting in blo o d­red waters where the sharks o f highly co mpetitive f irms vie f o r every available market scrap, f irms sho uld seek the blue w aters o f unco ntested, new market spaces. Fo r Nintendo , the granny gamers, mo ms, and partygo ers who f lo cked to the Wii represented an undisco vered f east in the Blue Ocean. Talk abo ut new markets! Co nsider that the bestselling video game at the start o f 2009 was Wii Fit—a genre-busting title that co mes with a scale so yo u can weigh yo urself each time yo u play. That’s a f ar cry f ro m Grand Thef t Auto IV, the title ranking f if th in 2008 sales, and trailing f o ur Wii-o nly exclusives. Blue o cean strategy o f ten wo rks best when co mbined with strategic po sitio ning described in Chapter 2 "Strategy and Techno lo gy: Co ncepts and Framewo rks f o r Understanding What Separates Winners f ro m Lo sers". If an early mo ver into a blue o cean can use this lead to create def ensible assets f o r sustainable...
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