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Unformatted text preview: Meet the Fastest Gro wing Co mpany in Histo ry,” Fo rbes, August 8, 2010. While the site has literally hundreds o f co mpetito rs, f ew o f the upstarts are f o rmidable. The highly pro f itable Gro upo n ended 2010 with ten times the traf f ic o f its nearest co mpetito r.J. O’Dell, “By Traf f ic, Gro upo n Is Ten Times Bigger Than Its Nearest Co mpetito r,” Mashable, December 2, 2010. Gro upo n isn’t o ut o f the clear yet. Firms like Facebo o k and Go o gle—each with an established ad sales f o rce and already stro ng relatio nships with advertisers—are launching their o wn daily deal ef f o rts, gunning f o r Gro upo n’s gro wth. But as f o r the me-to o wannabe upstarts—they’ve go t no thing. It’s also po ssible that a netwo rk may have bo th same-side and cro ss-side benef its, to o . Xbo x 360 benef its f ro m cro ss-side benef its in that mo re users o f that co nso le attract mo re develo pers writing mo re so f tware titles and vice versa. Ho wever, the Xbo x Live netwo rk t...
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