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Unformatted text preview: very go o d thing! How Important Are Switching Costs to Microsoft? “It is this sw itching co st that has giv en o ur custo mers the patience to stick w ith Windo w s thro ugh all o ur mistakes, o ur buggy driv ers, o ur high T CO [total cost of ownership], o ur lack o f a sexy v isio n at times, and many o ther difficulties […] Custo mers co nstantly ev aluate o ther deskto p platfo rms, [but] it w o uld be so much w o rk to mo v e o v er that they ho pe w e just impro v e Windo w s rather than fo rce them to mo v e. […] In sho rt, w itho ut this exclusiv e franchise [meaning Windo w s] w e w o uld hav e been dead a lo ng time ago .” ­ Co mments fro m a Micro so ft General Manager in a memo to Bill GatesM. P arso ns, “Micro so ft: ‘We’d Hav e Been Dead a Lo ng Time Ago w itho ut Windo w s AP Is,” ZDNet UK, April 22, 2004, http:/ / new .uk/ so ftw are/ 0,1000000121 ,39152686,00.htm. Complementary Benefits Complement ary benef it s are tho se pro ducts o r services that add additio nal value to the netwo...
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