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Unformatted text preview: s regularly mo ved to blo ck third-party hardware, such as P alm’s mo bile pho nes, f ro m plugging into iTunes. Even if f irms create adapto rs that emulate a standard, a f irm that co nstantly inno vates creates a mo ving target that’s to ugh f o r o thers to keep up with. Apple has been f ar mo re aggressive than Micro so f t in intro ducing new versio ns o f its so f tware. Since the f irm never stays still, wo uld-be clo ners never get eno ugh time to create a reliable emulato r that runs the latest Apple so f tware. Large, Well‐Known Followers: Preannouncements Large f irms that f ind new markets attractive but do n’t yet have pro ducts ready f o r delivery might preanno unce ef f o rts in o rder to cause po tential adapto rs to sit o n the f ence, delaying a purchasing decisio n until the new ef f o rt ro lls o ut. P reanno uncements o nly wo rk if a f irm is large eno ugh to po se a credible threat to current market participants. Micro so f t, f o r example, can cause po tential custo mers to ho ld o f f o n sele...
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