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Unformatted text preview: Chase bank custo mer co uld use ATMs at a ho st o f o ther banks that co vered a geo graphy f ar greater than Citi o f f ered alo ne. Netwo rk ef f ects in ATMs shif ted to the rival bank alliance, Citi eventually jo ined NYCE and to day, nearly every ATM in the United States carries a NYCE sticker. Go o gle has o f ten pushed an appro ach to enco urage rivals to co o perate to challenge a leader. Its Open So cial standard f o r so cial netwo rking (endo rsed by MySpace, LinkedIn, Bebo , Yaho o ! and o thers) is targeted at o f f ering a larger alternative to Facebo o k’s mo re clo sed ef f o rts (see Chapter 8 "Facebo o k: Building a Business f ro m the So cial Graph"), while its Andro id o pen so urce mo bile pho ne o perating system has gained co mmitments f ro m many handset makers that co llectively co mpete with Apple’s iP ho ne. Share or Stay Proprietary? Def ensive mo ves like the o nes abo ve are o f ten meant to dif f use the threat o f a pro prietary rival. So metimes f irms decide f ro m the start to band...
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