P ro ducts and services that enco urage o thers to o

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Unformatted text preview: rk. These pro ducts might include “ho w-to ” bo o ks, so f tware, and f eature add-o ns, even labo r. Yo u’ll f ind mo re bo o ks o n auctio ning that f o cus o n eBay, mo re video cameras that uplo ad to Yo uTube, and mo re acco untants that kno w Excel than tho se tareted at any o f their rivals. Why? Bo o k autho rs, camera manuf acturers, and acco untants invest their time and reso urces where they’re likely to reach the biggest market and get the greatest benef it. In auctio ns, video , and spreadsheet so f tware, eBay, Yo uTube, and Excel each dwarf their respective co mpetitio n. P ro ducts and services that enco urage o thers to o f f er co mplementary go o ds are so metimes called plat f orms.T. Eisenmann, G. P arker, and M. Van Alstyne, “Strategies f o r Two -Sided Markets,” Harv ard Business Rev iew , Octo ber 2006. Allo wing o ther f irms to co ntribute to yo ur platf o rm can be a brilliant strategy because tho se f irms will spend their time and mo ney to enhance yo ur o f f erings. Co nsider the billio n-do llar hardware eco system that Apple has cultivated aro und the iP o d...
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