Chapter 6

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Unformatted text preview: ad. Ano ther key lesso n f ro m the lo ss o f eBay Japan? Exchange depends o n the ability to co mmunicate! EBay’s huge netwo rk ef f ects in the United States and elsewhere didn’t translate to Japan because mo st Japanese aren’t co mf o rtable with English, and mo st English speakers do n’t kno w Japanese. The language barrier made Japan a “greenf ield” market with no do minant player, and Yaho o !’s early mo ve pro vided the catalyst f o r victo ry. Timing is o f ten critical in the video game co nso le wars, to o . So ny’s P layStatio n 2 enjo yed an eighteen-mo nth lead o ver the technically superio r Xbo x (as well as Nintendo ’s GameCube). That time lead helped to create what f o r years was the single mo st pro f itable divisio n at So ny. By co ntrast, the technically superio r P S3 sho wed up mo nths af ter Xbo x 360 and at ro ughly the same time as the Nintendo Wii, and has struggled in its early years, racking up multibillio n-do llar lo sses f o r So ny.C. Null, ...
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