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Unformatted text preview: 2/. Antitrust: Real Versus Microsoft Fro m Octo ber 2001 to March 2003, Micro so f t’s bundling o f Windo ws Media P layer in versio ns o f its o perating system ensured that the so f tware came preinstalled o n nearly all o f the estimated 207 millio n new P Cs shipped during that perio d. By co ntrast, Real Netwo rks’ digital media player was preinstalled o n less than 2 percent o f P Cs. But here’s the kicker that go t to regulato rs (and Real): Micro so f t’s standard co ntract with P C manuf acturers “prevented them no t o nly f ro m remo ving the Windo ws Media P layer, but even [f ro m] pro viding a deskto p ico n f o r Real Netwo rks.”E. Hansen and D. Becker, “Real Hits Micro so f t with $ 1 Billio n Antitrust Suit,” CNET, December 18, 2003, http:/ / m/ Real-hits-Micro so f t-with-1billio n -antitrust-suit/ 2100-1025_3-5129316.html; and T. Eisenmann, G. P arker, and M. Van Alstyne, “Strategies f o r Two -Sided Markets,” Harv ard Business Rev iew , Octo ber 2006. While netwo rk ef f...
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