So f tware based eco systems can gro w very quickly

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Unformatted text preview: and that it’s no w extending to o ther iOS pro ducts. There are o ver ninety brands selling so me 280 mo dels o f iP o d speaker systems.S. Hansell, “The iP o d Eco no my and C.E.S.,” New Yo rk Times, January 7, 2008. Thirty-f o ur auto manuf acturers no w trumpet their cars as being iP o d-ready, many with in-car do cking statio ns and steering wheel music navigatio n systems. Each add-o n enhances the value o f cho o sing an iP o d o ver a rival like the Micro so f t Zune. And no w with the App Sto re f o r the iP ho ne, iP o d to uch, and iP ad, Apple is do ing the same thing with so f tware add-o ns. So f tware-based eco systems can gro w very quickly. In less than a year af ter its intro ductio n, the iTunes App Sto re bo asted o ver f if ty tho usand applicatio ns, co llectively do wnlo aded o ver o ne billio n times. Less than two years later, do wnlo aded apps to pped ten billio n. These three value-adding so urces—exchange, staying po w er, and co mplementary benefits—o f ten wo rk to gether to reinf o rce o ne ano ther in a way...
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