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Unformatted text preview: f Rival Access and Constantly Innovate Of tentimes f irms that co ntro l do minant netwo rks will make co mpatibility dif f icult f o r rivals who try to co nnect with their systems. Fo r example, while many f irms o f f er video co nf erencing and Internet calling, the clear leader is Skype, a pro duct that f o r years had been clo sed to unautho rized Skype clients. Firms that co nstantly inno vate make it particularly dif f icult f o r co mpetito rs to beco me co mpatible. Again, we can lo o k to Apple as an example o f these co ncepts in actio n. While Macs run Windo ws, Windo ws co mputers can’t run Mac pro grams. Apple has embedded key so f tware in Mac hardware, making it to ugh f o r rivals to write a so f tware emulato r like Bo o t Camp that wo uld let Windo ws P Cs drink f ro m the Mac milkshake. And if any f irm gets clo se to clo ning Mac hardware, Apple sues. The f irm also mo dif ies so f tware o n o ther pro ducts like the iP ho ne and iTunes each time wily hackers tap into clo sed aspects o f its systems. And Apple ha...
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