Think o f this as two entirely dif f erent

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Unformatted text preview: also o f f er f ree so f tware develo pment kits (SDKs), training pro grams, co -marketing do llars, o r even start-up capital to po tential suppliers. Micro so f t and Apple bo th allo w develo pers to sell their pro ducts o nline thro ugh Xbo x LIVE Marketplace and iTunes, respectively. This channel lo wers develo per expenses by eliminating co sts asso ciated with selling physical invento ry in brick-and-mo rtar sto res and can pro vide a f ree way to reach millio ns o f po tential co nsumers witho ut signif icant pro mo tio nal spending. Venture f unds can also pro mpt f irms to create co mplementary go o ds. Facebo o k anno unced it wo uld spur develo pment f o r the site in part by administering the f bFund, which initially pledged $ 10 millio n in start-up f unding (in allo tments o f up to $ 250,000 each) to f irms writing applicatio ns f o r its platf o rm. Leverage Backward Compatibility Tho se f irms that co ntro l a standard wo uld also be wise to ensure that new pro ducts have backward compat ibilit y with earlier o...
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