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Unformatted text preview: y the P o werP C pro cesso r used in earlier Mac mo dels. Think o f this as two entirely dif f erent languages—Intel speaks French, P o werP C speaks Urdu. To ease the transitio n, Apple included a f ree so f tware-based adapt or, called Ro setta, that auto matically emulated the f unctio nality o f the o ld chip o n all new Macs (a so rt o f Urdu to French translato r). By do ing so , all new Intel Macs co uld use the base o f existing so f tware written f o r the o ld chip; o wners o f P o werP C Macs were able to upgrade while preserving their investment in o ld so f tware; and so f tware f irms co uld still sell o lder pro grams while they rewro te applicatio ns f o r new Intel-based Macs. Even mo re signif icant, since Intel is the same standard used by Windo ws, Apple develo ped a f ree so f tware adapto r called Bo o t Camp that allo wed Windo ws to be installed o n Macs. Bo o t Camp (and similar so lutio ns by o ther vendo rs) dramatically lo wered the co st f o r Windo ws users to switch to Macs. Within two years o f making the switch, Mac sales skyro cketed to reco rd l...
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