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Unformatted text preview: pers were willing to write in Java if no o ne co uld run their co de. Sun bro ke the lo gjam when it bundled the JVM with Netscape’s bro wser. When millio ns o f users do wnlo aded Netscape, Sun’s so f tware snuck in, almo st instantly creating a platf o rm o f millio ns f o r wo uld-be Java develo pers. To day, even tho ugh Netscape has f ailed, Sun’s Java remains o ne o f the wo rld’s mo st po pular pro gramming languages. Indeed, Java was cited as o ne o f the main reaso ns f o r Oracle’s 2009 acquisitio n o f Sun, with Oracle’s CEO saying the language represented “the single mo st impo rtant so f tware asset we have ever acquired.”A. Ricadela, “Oracle’s Bo ld Java P lans,” BusinessWeek, June 2, 2009. And when yo u do n’t have distributio n channels, create them. That’s what Apple did when it launched the Apple retail sto res a little o ver a decade ago . At the time o f launch, nearly every pundit expected the ef f o rt to f ail. But it turns o ut, the attractive, high-service sto ref ro nts were the perf ect platf o rm to pro mo te the uniqueness o f Apple pro ducts. Apple’s 300+ s...
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