Yo u pretty much cho o se o ne im to o l o ver ano

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Unformatted text preview: le choose the product primarily based on these benefits, or for some other reason)? 7. I dentify firms that you believe have built a strong platform. Can you think of firms that have tried to develop a platform, but have been less successful? Why do you suppose they have struggled? 6.3 One‐Sided or Two‐Sided Markets? L E A RN I N G OBJ E C T I V E S 1. Recogniz e and distinguish between one‐sided and two‐sided markets. 2. Understand same‐side and cross‐side exchange benefits. Understanding Network Structure To understand the key so urces o f netwo rk value, it’s impo rtant to reco gnize the structure o f the netwo rk. So me netwo rks derive mo st o f their value f ro m a single class o f users. An example o f this kind o f netwo rk is instant messaging (IM). While there might be so me add-o ns f o r the mo st po pular IM to o ls, they do n’t inf luence mo st users’ cho ice o f an IM system. Yo u pretty much cho o se o ne IM to o l o ver ano ther based o n ho w many o f yo ur co ntacts yo u can reach. Eco no mists wo uld call IM a one­sided...
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