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Unformatted text preview: to res wo rldwide no w bring in abo ut ten billio n do llars in revenue and are amo ng the wo rld’s mo st successf ul retail o utlets o n a sales-per-square-f o o t basis.C. Jade, “The Apple Sto re at 10: P ast, P resent, and Future,” GigaOM, May 19, 2011; B. Mo lina, “Apple Sto re Mo st P ho to graphed Lo catio n in New Yo rk City,” USA To day, June 1, 2011. As mentio ned in Chapter 2 "Strategy and Techno lo gy: Co ncepts and Framewo rks f o r Understanding What Separates Winners f ro m Lo sers", Figure 6. 3 Ap p le’ s Micro so f t is in a particularly stro ng po sitio n to leverage this appro ach. Ret ail St ores The f irm o f ten bundles its new pro ducts into its o perating systems, Of f ice suite, Internet Explo rer bro wser, and o ther o f f erings. The f irm used this tactic to transf o rm o nce market-leader Real Netwo rks into an also -ran in streaming audio . Within a f ew years o f bundling Windo ws Media P layer (WMP ) with its o ther pro ducts, WMP grabbe...
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