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Unformatted text preview: , ho bbies, f ans, health co nditio ns, causes); with indiv iduals (e.g., specif ic “f riends”); and with pro ducts, firms, and o ther o rganizatio ns P rivate messaging and public discussio ns Media sharing (text, pho to s, video ) Disco very-f ueling f eeds o f recent activity amo ng members (e.g., status changes, new po stings, pho to s, applicatio ns installed) The ability to install and use third-party applicatio ns tailo red to the service (games, media viewers, survey to o ls, etc.), many o f which are also so cial and allo w o thers to interact While a Facebo o k presence has beco me a must-have f o r f irms (see Chapter 8 "Facebo o k: Building a Business f ro m the So cial Graph"), LinkedIn has beco me a vital to o l f o r many businesses and pro f essio nals. LinkedIn bo asted a nearly $ 9 billio n valuatio n af ter its spring 2011 IP O (so me say that price is a sign o f a tech bubble and is f ar to o high f o r a f irm with less than $ 16 millio n in pro f its the previo us year).S. Wo o , L. Co wan, and P . Tam, “LinkedIn IP O So ars, Feeding Web Bo o m,” Wall Street Jo urnal,...
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