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Unformatted text preview: o ntrast to iTunes, Yo uTube actually ho sts video o n its o wn servers, so all yo u need to do is sho o t a video and uplo ad it to the site. Yo uTube is a bastio n o f amateur video , with mo st clips sho t and uplo aded by no npro f essio nals. It’s also beco me a pro test site (e.g., “A Co mcast Technician Sleeping o n my Co uch”). Ho wever, Yo uTube has also beco me a go -to distributio n platf o rm f o r pro f essio nal co ntent such as ad clips, custo mer suppo rt guides, music video s, TV sho ws, mo vies, and mo re. Much o f this rich media co ntent can be distributed o r streamed within ano ther Web site, blo g, o r so cial netwo rk pro f ile. K E Y TAK E AWAYS RSS fosters the rapid sharing and scanning of information, including updates from Web 2. 0 services such as blogs, wikis, and social networks. RSS feeds can be received via Web browsers, e‐ mail, cell phones, and special RSS readers. Folksonomies allow users to collaboratively tag and curate online media, making it easy for others to...
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