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Unformatted text preview: his chapter can be co nsidered in two parts. The f irst explains many techno lo gies behind the so cial media / peer pro ductio n / Web 2.0 mo vement, and we pro vide several examples o f their use and impact. The f inal part o f this chapter describes ho w f irms sho uld o rganize to engage with and take advantage o f so cial media—specif ically detailing ho w to “Get SMART” (with a so cial media awareness and respo nse team). Af ter go ing thro ugh bo th sectio ns yo u sho uld have a so lid o verview o f majo r so cial techno lo gies, ho w businesses are leveraging them, and ho w f irms can o rganize f o r ef f ective use while avo iding pitf alls. Table 7.2 Majo r So cial Media To o ls Descrip tio n Featu res Tech n o lo gy Pro vid ers Immedia te Blo gs Short for “Web log”—an online publication that keeps a running chronology of entries. Readers can comment on posts. Can connect to other blogs through blog rolls or trackbacks. Key uses: Sh a re idea s, obta in feedba ck, mobilize a community. p...
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