All the pages in a wiki are searchable specif ic wiki

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Unformatted text preview: rticles and link them to o ther pages in the wiki. Wikis also pro vide a versio n histo ry. Click the “Histo ry” link o n Wikipedia, f o r example, and yo u can see when edits were made and by who m. This f eature allo ws the co mmunity to roll back a wiki to a prio r page, in the event that so meo ne accidentally deletes key inf o , o r intentio nally def aces a page. Wikis are available bo th as so f tware (co mmercial as well as o pen so urce varieties) that f irms can install o n their o wn co mputers and as ho sted o nline services (subscriptio n o r ad-suppo rted) where so f tware and co ntent are ho used by third parties that run the techno lo gy f o r wiki users. Since wikis can be started witho ut the o versight o r invo lvement o f a f irm’s IT department, their appearance in o rganizatio ns o f ten co mes f ro m grassro o ts user initiative. Wikis As with blo gs, a wiki’s f eatures set varies depending o n the specif ic wiki to o l cho sen, as well as administrato r design, but mo st wikis suppo r...
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