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Unformatted text preview: nchester United”—ranked ahead o f this o ne custo mer’s o utrage. Video (click to see video) Dav e Carro ll’s o de to his bad airline experience, “United Breaks Guitars,” w ent v iral, garnering millio ns o f v iew s. Scarring so cial media po sts do n’t just co me f ro m o utside the f irm. Earlier that same year emplo yees o f Do mino ’s P izza o utlet in Co no ver, No rth Caro lina, created what they tho ught wo uld be a f unny gro ss-o ut video f o r their f riends. P o sted to Yo uTube, the resulting f o o tage o f the f irm’s brand alo ngside vile acts o f f o o d prep was seen by o ver o ne millio n viewers bef o re it was remo ved. Over 4.3 millio n ref erences to the incident can be f o und o n Go o gle, and many o f the leading print and bro adcast o utlets co vered the sto ry. The perpetrato rs were arrested, the Do mino ’s sto ref ro nt where the incident o ccurred was clo sed, and the f irm’s president made a painf ul apo lo gy (o n Yo uTube, o f co urse). No t all f irms cho o se to aggressively engage so cial med...
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