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Unformatted text preview: and supervisio n (e.g., ensuring that dif f erent divisio ns do n’t o verlo ad co nsumers with to o much o r inco nsistent co ntact), but the dynamics o f specif ic engagement still belo ng with the f o lks who kno w pro ducts, services, and custo mers best. Responsibilities and Policy Setting In an age where a generatio n has gro wn up po sting sho o t-f ro m-the-hip status updates and Yo uTube is seen as a f ame vehicle f o r tho se willing to perf o rm sensatio nal acts, establishing co rpo rate po licies and setting emplo yee expectatio ns are imperative f o r all o rganizatio ns. The emplo yees who do n’t understand the impact o f so cial media o n the f irm can do serio us damage to their emplo yers and their careers (lo o k to Do mino ’s f o r an example o f what can go wro ng). Many experts suggest that a go o d so cial media po licy needs to be three things: “sho rt, simple, and clear.”J. So at, “7 Questio ns Key to So cial Netwo rking Success,” Info rmatio nWeek, January 16, 2010. Fo rtunately, mo st f irms do...
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