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Unformatted text preview: find useful content. Since folksonomies are created by users themselves, they are often more easily understood and embraced than classification schemes imposed by site owners. Mash‐ups promote the useful combination of different Web services, such as maps and other information feeds. Mash‐up authors leverage technologies such as API s and XML to combine seemingly unrelated data sources and services in new and novel ways. Location‐based services are increasingly combining geolocated data with social media. Users can now quickly see related social media surrounding an area, even overlaying this data on top of maps and images through a phone’s camera lens. Sites like Foursquare are morphing into loyalty and customer‐rewards programs. While users are largely in control of sharing location data, some fear privacy and security issues from oversharing. Virtual worlds allow users to interact with and within a computer‐generated alternate reality. I nternet media is increasingly becoming “richer,” leveraging audio, video, and animation. Organiz...
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