As an example o f the interdisciplinary nature o f so

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Unformatted text preview: s by the time it arrived in Omaha. In the midst o f a busy to ur schedule, Carro ll didn’t have time to f o llo w up o n the incident until af ter United’s twenty-f o ur-ho ur perio d f o r f iling a co mplaint f o r restitutio n had expired. When United ref used to co mpensate him f o r the damage, Carro ll penned the f o ur-minute co untry ditty “United Breaks Guitars,” perf o rmed it in a video , and uplo aded the clip to Yo uTube (sample lyrics: “I sho uld have go ne with so meo ne else o r go ne by car…’cuz United breaks guitars”). Carro ll even called o ut the unyielding United rep by name. Take that, Ms. Irlwig! (No te to custo mer service reps everywhere: yo u’re always o n.) The clip went viral, receiving 150,000 views its f irst day and f ive millio n mo re by the next mo nth. Well into the next year, “United Breaks Guitars” remained the to p result o n Yo uTube when searching the term “United.” No o ther to pic mentio ning that wo rd—no t “United States,” “United Natio ns,” o r “Ma...
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