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Unformatted text preview: t might arise if dif f erent divisio ns engage witho ut co o rdinatio n. While f irms are building so cial media respo nsibility into jo b descriptio ns, also reco gnize that so cial media is a team spo rt that requires input f ro m staf f ers thro ugho ut an o rganizatio n. The so cial media team needs suppo rt f ro m public relatio ns, marketing, custo mer suppo rt, HR, legal, IT, and o ther gro ups, all while ackno wledging that what’s happening in the so cial media space is distinct f ro m traditio nal ro les in these disciplines. The team will ho ne unique skills in techno lo gy, analytics, and design, as well as skills f o r using so cial media f o r o nline co nversatio ns, listening, trust building, o utreach, engagement, and respo nse. As an example o f the interdisciplinary nature o f so cial media practice, co nsider that the so cial media team at Starbucks (regarded by so me as the best in the business) is o rganized under the interdisciplinary “vice president o f brand, co ntent, and o nline.”Starbucks was named the best f irm f o r so cia...
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