At wikipedia f o r example grief ers and partisans

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Unformatted text preview: t the f o llo wing key f eatures: All changes are attributed, so o thers can see who made a given edit. A co mplete rev isio n histo ry is maintained so changes can be co mpared against prio r versio ns and ro lled back as needed. There is auto matic no tificatio n and mo nito ring o f updates; users subscribe to wiki co ntent and can receive updates via e-mail o r RSS f eed when pages have been changed o r new co ntent has been added. All the pages in a wiki are searchable. Specif ic wiki pages can be classif ied under an o rganized tagging scheme. Jump-starting a wiki can be a challenge, and an underused wiki can be a gho st to wn o f o rphan, o uto f -date, and inaccurate co ntent. Fo rtunately, o nce users see the value o f wikis, use and ef f ectiveness o f ten sno wballs. The unstructured nature o f wikis are also bo th a strength and weakness. So me o rganizatio ns emplo y wikimast ers to “garden” co mmunity co ntent: “prune” excessive po sts, “transplant” co mmentary to the best lo catio n, and “weed” as necessary. m o f f ers a guide to the stages o f wiki ado ptio n and a co llectio n o f co mmunitybui...
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