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Unformatted text preview: sign indicating po o r design o f the keybo ard o n o ne o f its po rtable co mputers. Af ter a series o f tweets f ro m early ado pters indicated that the apo stro phe and return keys were po sitio ned to o clo sely to gether, the f irm dispatched design change o rders quickly eno ugh to co rrect the pro blem when the next versio n o f the pro duct was launched just three mo nths later. Dell also claims to have netted millio ns in o utlet sto re sales ref erred via the Twitter acco unt @DellOutlet (mo re than 1.5 millio n f o llo wers).K. Eato n, “Twitter Really Wo rks: Makes $ 6.5 Millio n in Sales f o r Dell,” Fast Co mpany, December 8, 2009; J. Abel, “Dude—Dell’s Making Mo ney o f f Twitter!” Wired New s, June 12, 2009. Bro o klyn Museum patro ns can pay an additio nal $ 20 a year f o r access to the private, members-o nly “1stFans” Twitter f eed that shares inf o rmatio n o n special events and exclusive access to artist co ntent. Twitter is credited with having raised millio ns via Text-to -Do nate...
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