But f o r larger f irms these co mmunities can create

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Unformatted text preview: . The f irm also emplo ys a series o f so phisticated auto mated techniques as well as manual staf f review to unco ver suspicio us activity. Vio lato rs risk penalties that include being banned f ro m the service. Yo ur custo mers will also use so cial media keep yo u ho nest. Several ski reso rts have been embarrassed when tweets and o ther so cial media po sts expo sed them as o verstating sno wf all results. There’s even an iP ho ne app skiers can use to expo se inaccurate claims.L. Rathke, “Repo rt: Ski Reso rts Exaggerate Sno wf all To tals,” USA To day, January 29, 2010. So keep that ethical bar high—yo u never kno w when techno lo gy will get so phisticated eno ugh to reveal wro ngdo ings. Monitoring Co ncern o ver managing a f irm’s o nline image has led to the rise o f an industry kno wn as online reput at ion management . Firms specializing in this f ield will track a client f irm’s name, brand, executives’ names, o r o ther keywo rds, repo rting o nline activity and whether sentiment trends to war...
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