But whether twitter will be a durable pro f it

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Unformatted text preview: ng o ne o f many—o f ten f ree—applicatio ns pro vided by third parties, such as Seesmic, TweetDeck, and Twhirl. This happened because Twitter made its data available f o r f ree to o ther develo pers via API (applicat ion programming int erf ace). Expo sing data can be a go o d mo ve as it spawned an eco system o f o ver o ne hundred tho usand co mplementary third-party pro ducts and services that enhance Twitter’s reach and usef ulness (generating netw o rk effects f ro m co mplementary o f f erings similar to o ther “platf o rms” like Windo ws, iP ho ne, and Facebo o k). But there are po tential do wnsides to such o penness. If users do n’t visit Twitter.co m, that makes it dif f icult to co unt users, serve pro f iling techno lo gies such as tracking co o kies (see Chapter 14 "Go o gle in Three P arts: Search, Online Advertising, and Beyo nd"), co llect additio nal data o n service use, and make mo ney by serving ads o r o f f ering pro mo tio ns o n the Web site. All this creates what is kno wn as the “f ree rider problem,” where o thers benef it f ro m...
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