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Unformatted text preview: member, a f o urth “R” is at stake—reputatio n (bo th the f irm’s and the emplo yee’s). Vio lato rs sho uld kno w the co nsequences o f breaking f irm rules and po licies sho uld be backed by actio n. Best Buy’s po licy simply states, “Just in case yo u are f o rgetf ul o r igno re the guidelines abo ve, here’s what co uld happen. Yo u co uld get f ired (and it’s embarrassing to lo se yo ur jo b f o r so mething that’s so easily avo ided).” Despite these co ncerns, trying to micro manage emplo yee so cial media use is pro bably no t the answer. At IBM, rules f o r o nline behavio r are surprisingly o pen. The f irm’s co de o f co nduct reminds emplo yees to remember privacy, respect, and co nf identiality in all electro nic co mmunicatio ns. Ano nymity is no t permitted o n IBM’s systems, making everyo ne acco untable f o r their actio ns. As f o r external po stings, the f irm insists that emplo yees no t disparage co mpetito rs o r reveal custo mers’ names witho ut permissio n and asks that any emplo yee po sts f ro m IBM acco unts o r that mentio n the f ir...
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