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Unformatted text preview: r beyo nd its classic recruiting po o l o f Divisio n I co lleges. There are several public markets f o r leveraging cro wdso urcing f o r inno vatio n, o r as an alternative to standard means o f pro ductio n. Waltham, Massachusetts—based Inno Centive allo ws “seekers” to o f f er cash prizes ranging f ro m ten to o ne hundred tho usand do llars. Over 120,000 “so lvers” have registered to seek so lutio ns f o r tasks put f o rward by seekers that include Do w Chemical, Eli Lilly, and P ro cter & Gamble. Amo ng the f indings o f f ered by the Inno Centive cro wd are a bio marker that measures pro gressio n o f ALS. Amazo m has even created an o nline marketplace f o r cro wdso urcing called Mechanical Turk. Anyo ne with a task to be co mpleted o r pro blem to be so lved can put it up f o r Amazo n, setting their price f o r co mpletio n o r so lutio n. Fo r its ro le, Amazo n takes a small cut o f the transactio n. And alpha geeks lo o king to pro ve their co de cho ps can turn to To pCo der, a f irm that stages co ding co mpetitio ns that del...
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