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Unformatted text preview: ted urban legend that the f irm do es no t send co f f ee to the U.S. military because o f a co rpo rate po sitio n against the war. A typical respo nse might read, “No t true, get the f acts here” with a link to a Web page that sets the reco rd straight. Reaching o ut to key inf luencers can also be extremely valuable. P ro minent blo ggers and o ther respected so cial media participants can pro vide keen guidance and insight. The go al isn’t to create a mo uthpiece, but to so licit input, gain advice, gauge reactio n, and be sure yo ur message is pro perly interpreted. Inf luencers can also help spread accurate inf o rmatio n and demo nstrate a f irm’s co mmitment to listening and learning. In the wake o f the Do mino ’s gro ss-o ut, executives reached o ut to the pro minent blo g The Co nsumerist.A. Jacques, “Do mino ’s Delivers during Crisis: The Co mpany’s Step-by-Step Respo nse af ter a Vulgar Video Go es Viral,” The P ublic Relatio ns Strategist, Octo ber 24, 2009. Facebo o k has so licited advice and f eedback f ro m Mo veOn.o rg mo nths bef o re launching new f eatures.B. Sto ne, “Facebo o k Aims to Extend Its Reach acro ss the Web,” New Yo rk Times, December 2, 2008. Meanwhile, Kaiser P ermanente leveraged advice f ro...
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