Co mpanies have used wikis in a number o f ways at p

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Unformatted text preview: lding and co ntent-building strategies. The larger and mo re active a wiki co mmunity, the mo re likely it is that co ntent will be up to date and that erro rs o r vandalism will be quickly co rrected (again, we see the inf luence o f netwo rk ef f ects, where pro ducts and services with larger user bases beco me mo re valuable). At Wikipedia, f o r example, grief ers and partisans regularly alter pages (in o ne no tewo rthy stretch, the page o f f o rmer U.S. P resident Jimmy Carter was regularly replaced with a pho to o f a “scruf f y, rando m unshaven man with his lef t index f inger sho ved f irmly up his no se.”)D. P ink, “The Bo o k Sto ps Here,” Wired, March 2005. But the Wikipedia co mmunity is so large and attentive that such changes are o f ten reco gnized in seco nds and ro lled back, and mischief makers so o n give up and mo ve o n. Several studies have sho wn that large co mmunity wiki entries are as o r mo re accurate than pro f essio nal publicatio n co unterparts.S. Ro b...
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