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Unformatted text preview: xamples of organiz ations that are taking advantage of crowdsourcing and be prepared to describe these efforts. 2. What ethical issues should firms be aware of when considering crowdsourcing? Are there other concerns firms may have when leveraging this technique? 3. Assume the role of a manager or consultant. Recommend a firm and a task that would be appropriate for crowdsourcing. Justify your choice, citing factors such as cost, breadth of innovation, time, constrained resources, or other factors. How would you recommend the firm conduct this crowdsourcing effort? 7.9 Get SMART: The Social Media Awareness and Response Team L E A RN I N G OBJ E C T I V E S 1. I llustrate several examples of effective and poor social media use. 2. Recogniz e the skills and issues involved in creating and staffing an effective social media awareness and response team (SMART). 3. List and describe key components that should be included in any firm’s social media policy. 4. Understand the implications of ethical issues in social media such as “sock puppetry” and “...
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