Current and archived po sts are easily searchable

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Unformatted text preview: nicle, Octo ber 21, 2007. Mo st start with ad netwo rks like Go o gle AdSense, but the mo st elite engage advertisers directly f o r high-value deals and extended spo nso rships. Blogs While the f eature set o f a particular blo g depends o n the underlying platf o rm and the pref erences o f the blo gger, several key f eatures are co mmo n to mo st blo gs: Immediate and unfiltered publicatio n. The ability to reach the public witho ut limits o n publicatio n size and witho ut having po sts f iltered, edited, o r cut by the mainstream media. Ease o f use. Creating a new po st usually invo lves clicking a single butto n. Co mment threads. Readers can o f f er co mments o n po sts. Rev erse chro no lo gy. P o sts are listed in reverse o rder o f creatio n, making it easy to see the mo st recent co ntent. P ersistence. P o sts are maintained indef initely at lo catio ns accessible by permanent links. Searchability. Current and archived po sts are easily searchable. Tags. P o sts are o f ten classif ied under an o rganized tagging scheme. Trackbacks. Allo ws an autho r to ackno wle...
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