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Unformatted text preview: and o ther f undraising as part o f glo bal disaster relief . Twitter can be a bo o n f o r sharing time-sensitive inf o rmatio n. The True Massage and Wellness Spa in San Francisco tweets last-minute cancellatio ns to tell custo mers o f an unexpected schedule o pening. With Twitter, appo intments remain bo o ked so lid. Go urmet f o o d trucks, po pular in many American cities, are also using Twitter to share lo catio n and create hipster buzz. Lo s Angeles’s Ko gi Ko rean Taco Truck no w has o ver eighty-f ive tho usand f o llo wers and uses Twitter to reveal where it’s parked, ensuring lo ng lines o f BBQ-craving f o o dies. Of the f irm’s success, o wner Ro y Cho i says, “I have to give all the credit to Twitter.”A. Ro mano , “No w 4 Restaurant 2.0,” New sw eek, February 28, 2009. Electro nics retailer Best Buy has recruited o ver 2,300 Blue Shirt and Geek Squad staf f ers to cro wdso urce Twitter-driven inquiries via @Twelpf o rce, the f irm’s custo mer service Twitter acco unt. Best Buy staf f ers register their perso nal Twi...
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