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Unformatted text preview: and LiveWo rld (ado pted by Intuit, eBay, the NBA, and Scientif ic American). Ning allo ws anyo ne to create a so cial netwo rk and currently ho sts o ver 2.3 millio n separate o nline co mmunities.K. Swisher, “Ning CEO Gina Bianchini to Step Do wn—Beco mes an EIR at Andreessen Ho ro witz,” AllThingsD, March 15, 2010. Ho wever, with ro bust co rpo rate to o ls no w o f f ered by LinkedIn, we might see pro prietary, in-ho use ef f o rts start to migrate there o ver time. A Little Too Public? As with any type o f so cial media, co ntent f lo ws in so cial netwo rks are dif f icult to co ntro l. Embarrassing disclo sures can emerge f ro m public systems o r insecure internal netwo rks. Emplo yees embracing a culture o f digital sharing may err and release co nf idential o r pro prietary inf o rmatio n. Netwo rks co uld serve as a f o cal po int f o r the disgruntled (imagine the activity o n a co rpo rate so cial netwo rk af ter a painf ul layo f f ). P ublicly declared af f iliatio ns, po litical o r religio us views, excessive co ntact, declined participatio n, and o ther f acto rs might...
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