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Unformatted text preview: May 20, 2011. Regardless o f the valuatio n, the site’s gro wth has been spectacular, and its inf luence is threatening recruiting sites like Mo nster.co m and CareerBuilder.M. Bo yle, “Recruiting: Eno ugh to Make a Mo nster Tremble,” BusinessWeek, June 25, 2009. LinkedIn was co nceived f ro m the start as a so cial netwo rk f o r business users. On LinkedIn, members po st pro f iles and co ntact inf o rmatio n, list their wo rk histo ry, and can be “endo rsed” by o thers o n the netwo rk. It’s so rt o f like having yo ur résumé and letters o f reco mmendatio n in a single lo catio n. Users can po se questio ns to members o f their netwo rk, engage in gro up discussio ns, and ask f o r intro ductio ns thro ugh mutual co ntacts. The site has also intro duced a variety o f additio nal services, including messaging, inf o rmatio n sharing, and news and co ntent curatio n—yes, LinkedIn will help yo u f ind stuf f yo u’re likely to be mo st interested in (wasn’t that Go o gle’s jo b?). The f irm makes mo ney f ro m o nline ads, premium subscriptio ns, and hiring to o ls f o r recruiters. Active members f ind the site invaluable f o r maintaining pro...
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