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Unformatted text preview: le a big brand like Starbucks is o f ten a target o f criticism, so cial media also pro vides o rganizatio ns with an o ppo rtunity to respo nd f airly to that criticism and po st video and pho to s o f the f irm’s ef f o rts. In Starbucks’ case, the f irm shares its wo rk investing in po o r co f f ee-gro wing co mmunities as well as ef f o rts to suppo rt AIDS relief . A so cial media presence allo ws a f irm to share these wo rks witho ut waiting f o r co nventio nal public relatio ns (P R) to yield results o r f o r jo urnalists to pick up and interpret the f irm’s sto ry. Starbucks executives have described the majo rity o f co mments the co mpany receives thro ugh so cial media as “a lo ve letter to the f irm.” By co ntrast, if yo ur f irm isn’t prepared to be o pen o r if yo ur pro ducts and services are no to rio usly subpar and yo ur f irm is inattentive to custo mer f eedback, then establishing a brand-tarring so cial media beachhead might no t make sense. A wo rd to the self -ref lective: Custo mer co nversatio ns will happen o nline even if yo u do n’t have any so cial media embassies. Users can f o rm their o wn gro ups, hash tags, and f o rums. A reluctance to participate may...
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