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Unformatted text preview: l media engagement in a study by Altimeter Gro up and WetP aint. See the 2009 ENGAGEMENTdb repo rt at http:/ / engagementdb.co m. Also no te that while o rganizatio ns with SMARTs (so cial media teams) pro vide leadership, suppo rt, and guidance, they do n’t necessarily drive all ef f o rts. GM’s so cial media team includes representatives f ro m all the majo r brands. The idea is that emplo yees in the divisio ns are still the best to engage o nline o nce they’ve been trained and given o peratio nal guardrails. Says GM’s so cial media chief , “I can’t go in to Chevro let and tell them ‘I kno w yo ur sto ry better than yo u do , let me tell it o n the Web.’”C. Barger, talk at the So cial Media Club o f Detro it, No vember 18, 2009. Also available via UStream and DigitalMarketingZen.co m. Similarly, the ro ughly f if ty Starbucks “Idea P artners” who participate in MyStarbucksIdea are spets. P art o f their jo b is to manage the co mpany’s so cial media. In this way, co nversatio ns abo ut the Starbucks Card are handled by card team experts, and merchandise dialo gue has a pro duct spet who kno ws that business best. Many f irms f ind that the so cial media team is key f o r co o rdinatio n...
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