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Unformatted text preview: ng,” http:/ / www.sno pes.co m/ medical/ drugs/ zicam.asp. Ho wever, the f irm subsequently was cited in an unrelated FDA warning o n the usage o f its pro duct; see S. Yo ung, “FDA Warns against Using 3 P o pular Zicam Co ld Meds,” CNN.co m, June 16, 2009. Review sites such as Yelp and TripAdviso r also pro vide o ppo rtunities f o r f irms to respo nd to negative reviews. This can send a message that a f irm reco gnizes missteps and is making an attempt to address the issue (f o llo w-thro ugh is critical, o r expect an even harsher backlash). So metimes a private respo nse is mo st ef f ective. When a custo mer o f Farmstead Cheeses and Wines in the San Francisco Bay area po sted a Yelp co mplaint that a cashier was rude, the f irm’s o wner sent a private reply to the po ster po inting o ut that the emplo yee in questio n was actually hard o f hearing. The co mplaint was subsequently withdrawn and the critic eventually jo ined the f irm’s Wine Club.K. P aterso n, “Managing...
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