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Unformatted text preview: her back. Mo nito ring sho uld also no t be limited to custo mers and co mpetito rs. Firms are leveraging so cial media bo th inside their f irms and via external services (e.g., co rpo rate gro ups o n Facebo o k and LinkedIn), and these spaces sho uld also be o n the SMART radar. This kind o f mo nito ring can help f irms keep pace with emplo yee sentiment and insights, f lag discussio ns that may invo lve pro prietary inf o rmatio n o r o ther inappro priate to pics, and pro vide guidance f o r tho se who want to leverage so cial media f o r the f irm’s staf f —that is, anything f ro m using o nline to o ls to help o rganize the f irm’s so f tball league to creating a wiki f o r a pro ject gro up. So cial media are end-user services that are particularly easy to deplo y but that can also be used disastro usly and inappro priately, so it’s vital f o r IT experts and o ther staf f ers o n the so cial media team to be visible and available, o f f ering suppo rt and reso urces f o r th...
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