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Unformatted text preview: him. The New Yo rk Times cited o ne particularly cringe-wo rthy po st where Mackey used the pseudo nym to co mplement his o wn go o d lo o ks, writing, “I like Mackey’s haircut. I think he lo o ks cute!”A. Martin, “Who le Fo o ds Executive Used Alias,” New Yo rk Times, July 12, 2007. Fake perso nas set up to sing yo ur o wn praises are kno wn as sock puppet s amo ng the digerati, and the practice o f lining co mment and f eedback f o rums with po sitive f eedback is kno wn as ast rot urf ing. Do it and it co uld co st yo u. The f irm behind the co smetic pro cedure kno wn as the Lif estyle Lif t was f ined $ 300,000 in civil penalties af ter the New Yo rk Atto rney General’s o f f ice disco vered that the f irm’s emplo yees had po sed as plastic surgery patients and wro te glo wing reviews o f the pro cedure.C. Cain Miller, “Co mpany Settles Case o f Reviews It Faked,” July 14, 2009. Review sites themselves will also take actio n. TripAdviso r penalizes f irms if it’s disco vered that custo mers are o f f ered so me so rt o f incentive f o r po sting po sitive reviews...
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