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Unformatted text preview: sIdea. No t every f irm has a custo mer base that is large and engaged eno ugh to suppo rt ho sting its o wn co mmunity. But f o r larger f irms, these co mmunities can create a nexus f o r f eedback, custo mer-driven inno vatio n, and engagement. Custo mers expect an o pen dialo gue, so f irms engaging o nline sho uld be prepared to deal with f eedback that’s no t all po sitive. Firms are entirely within their right to screen o ut o f f ensive and inappro priate co mments. No ting this, f irms might think twice bef o re turning o n Yo uTube co mments (described as “the gutter o f the Internet” by o ne leading so cial media manager).Brad Nelso n, presentatio n at the So cial Media Co nf erence NW, Mo unt Verno n, WA, March 25, 2010. Such co mments co uld expo se emplo yees o r custo mers pro f iled in clips to withering, snarky ridicule. Ho wever, f irms engaged in curating their f o rums to present o nly po sitive messages sho uld be prepared f o r the co mmunity to rebel and f o r embarrassing cries o f censo rship to be disclo sed. Firms that believe in the integrity o f their wo rk and the substance o f their message sho uldn’t be af raid. Whi...
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