Feeds are also co ntro versial many users have

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Unformatted text preview: “ro ll their o wn” private netwo rks. Such services include Ning, Lithium, and SelectMinds. So cial netwo rks allo w yo u to set up a pro f ile, share co ntent, co mment o n what o thers have shared, and f o llo w the updates o f particular users, gro ups, f irms, and brands that may also be part o f tho se netwo rks. Many also are platf o rms f o r the deplo yment o f third-party applicatio ns (no t surprisingly, so cial games do minate). Hundreds o f f irms have established pages o n Facebo o k and co mmunities o n LinkedIn, and these are no w legitimate custo mer- and client-engagement platf o rms. If a custo mer has decided to press the “like” butto n o f a f irm’s Facebo o k page, co rpo rate po sts can appear in their news f eed, gaining mo re user attentio n than the o f ten-igno red ads that run o n the sides o f so cial netwo rks. These po sts, and much o f the o ther activity that takes place o n so cial netwo rks, spread via f eed (o r news f eed). P io neered by Facebo o k but no w ado pted by mo st se...
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