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Unformatted text preview: t co nditio ns, treatments, and sympto m variatio n o ver time, using the site’s so phisticated graphing and charting to o ls. The go al is to help o thers impro ve the quality o f their o wn care by harnessing the wisdo m o f cro wds. To dd Small, a multiple sclero sis suf f erer, used the member charts and data o n P LM to disco ver that his physician had been undermedicating him. Af ter sharing site data with his do cto r, his physician verif ied the pro blem and upped the do se. Small repo rts that the f inding changed his lif e, helping him walk better than he had in a decade and a half and eliminating a f eeling that he described as being trapped in “quicksand.”T. Go etz, “P racticing P atients,” New Yo rk Times Magazine, March 23, 2008. In ano ther example o f P LM’s peo ple po wer, the site ran its o wn clinical trial—like experiment to rapidly investigate pro mising claims that the drug Lithium co uld impro ve co nditio ns f o r ALS (amyo tro phic lateral sclero sis) patients. While co mmunity ef f o rts did no t su...
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