Fif ty percent o f yo utubes ro ughly three hundred

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Unformatted text preview: site has emerged as the Web’s leading destinatio n f o r video , ho sting everything f ro m apo lo gies f ro m CEOs f o r service gaf f es to questio ns submitted as part o f presidential debates. Fif ty percent o f Yo uTube’s ro ughly three hundred millio n users visit the site at least o nce a week,Mo rgan Stanley, Internet Trends Repo rt, March 2008. and the site serves o ver three billio n video s each day,B. Erlich, “Yo uTube: Two Days’ Wo rth o f Video Uplo aded Every Minute,” Mashable, May 25, 2011. with an increasing number watching f ro m no n-P C devices, including mo bile pho nes and televisio ns. The po pulatio n o f Facebo o k users is no w so large that it co uld be co nsidered the third largest “natio n” in the wo rld. Half the site’s users lo g in at least o nce a day, spending an average o f f if ty-f ive minutes a day o n the site.“Facebo o k Facts and Figures (Histo ry and Statistics),” Website Mo nito ring Blo g, March 17, 2010. “Facebo o k Facts and Figures (Histo...
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