Chapter 7

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Unformatted text preview: rse clients leveraging the service. Figure 7. 6 A Samp ling of Locat ion­Aware Ap p s Wikit ude s hows Wikip edia overlays on t op of images ap p earing t hrough t he viewfinder. St ella Art ois ’ s Le Bar will p oint you t o es t ablis hment s offering t he brew, and Fours quare offers nearby vendor p romot ions and dis count s . Of co urse, all this public lo catio n sharing raises privacy co ncerns. The Web site P leaseRo m was created to draw attentio n to the po tentially dangero us issues aro und real-time lo catio n sharing. Af ter a brief demo nstratio n perio d, the site sto pped its real-time aggregatio n o f publicly accessible user-lo catio n data and no w serves as an awareness site warning o f the “stalkerish” side o f lo catio n-based apps. In mo st cases, tho ugh, users remain f irmly in co ntro l—determining if they want to keep a visit private o r release their lo cale to verif ied “app f riends” o r to the bro ader o nline space. Virtual Worlds In virt ual worlds, users appear in a co mputer-generated enviro nment i...
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