Firms specializing in this f ield will track a client

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Unformatted text preview: m also include disclo sures indicating that o pinio ns and tho ughts shared publicly are the individual’s and no t Big Blue’s. So me f irms have mo re co mplex so cial media management challenges. Co nsider ho tels and restaurants where o utlets are o wned and o perated by f ranchisees rather than the f irm. McDo nald’s so cial media team pro vides additio nal guidance so that regio nal o peratio ns can create, f o r example, a Twitter handle (e.g., @mcdo nalds_cincy) that handle a pro mo tio n in Cincinnati that might no t run in o ther regio ns.E. Yo rk, “McDo nald’s Names First So cial-Media Chief ,” Chicago Business, April 13, 2010. A so cial media team can pro vide co o rdinatio n while giving up the necessary co ntro l. Witho ut this kind o f co o rdinatio n, custo mer co mmunicatio n can quickly beco me a mess. Training is also a critical part o f the SMART mandate. GM o f f ers an intranet-delivered video co urse intro ducing newbies to the basics o f so cial media and to f irm po licies and expectatio ns. GM also trains emplo yees to beco me “so cial media pro s...
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